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The International Association of Arson Investigators – Minnesota Chapter is a not-for-profit professional association of fire investigators and individuals working to suppress the crime of arson. As a member you will receive:

Member Handbook

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Training and Education

MNIAAI provides and hosts educational opportunities for those in and associated with the Fire Investigation Field. If you have a program, event or class you would like to have added, contact us with a registration form and class outline for review.

Spring Conference Training
Basic Fire Investigation (offered annually)
This all-day class is for the novice investigator, or for those wishing to learn the basic techniques of fire investigation.  Instructors begin with the physics of fire, the scientific method, and recognition and interpretation of fire patterns.  From there students learn how to locate the area of origin, eliminate (or pinpoint) accidental causes and how to recognize the signs of arson.  Depending on time, photography as well as other aspects are covered.  

Small sample of previous classes offered at the Annual Spring Conference
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Basic Wildland Fire Investigations
  • NFPA 1033
  • Interviewing – Truth or Deception
  • Photography
  • Forensic Computer/Cell Phone Recovery
  • Serial Arsonist
  • Use of Social Media in Investigations
Quarterly Training
The MN IAAI is excited to announce we are bringing back quarterly training, we will be offering 4 different trainings per year, including the spring conference. Dates and topics to come.

Burn to Learn
Burn to LearnThe Burn-to-Learn Committee is made up of approximately five persons whose purpose is to afford investigators throughout the State of Minnesota the opportunity to participate in and observe live fire demonstrations with the objective of increasing their knowledge and experience. Over the years, Minnesota has held Burn-to-Learn opportunities which included burns at motels, office buildings and single family dwellings. Students attending these burns are hands-on; they participate in both the setting up and carrying out the live fire demonstrations.

The Burn-to-Learn Committee is always looking for structures to burn, specifically hotels/motels, apartments and office buildings and are interested in new ideas and suggestions in our ongoing effort to increase and expand the knowledge of our membership.

The Chairman of the Burn-to-Learn Committee is Jamie Novak. Jamie can be reached via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via telephone at (612) 750-9119.

E-News and Information

MNIAAI acts as a conduit for members to receive news and information of interest to the membership. The publication is solely an educational and advisory aid to members. Articles are requested and encouraged.

Arson Reward Project

MNIAAI offers rewards up to $2500 for information or assistance that leads to the arrest of person/s on a charge of arson. (Fires must be in Minnesota) Arson Hotline 1-800-723-2020.

Chapter Products

MNIAAI occasionally offers products to identify it members, provide a safer work place and get the message out that arson will not be tolerated. Check out currently available mechandise in our chapter store or click the picture above to go directly to an item or group of items.

The Minnesota State Fire Marshal Division and the MNIAAI Arson Awareness Committee
has released an online Arson Awareness Challenge.

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